Stormfield Capital, LLC is a direct commercial bridge lender providing short-term loans secured by commercial and residential investment properties.

With a focus on commercial bridge loan opportunities between $250,000 and $15,000,000, Stormfield Capital is a direct lender, whole loan note buyer and capital partner. Specializing in real estate loans for asset types including multi-family, mixed-use, office, industrial, and other commercial properties, Stormfield Capital is a direct capital source and a balance sheet lender. Typical transactions have an urgent closing timeline, a strong value proposition, and a clear exit strategy—usually within 6-18 months of the loan being issued. We currently offer (3) separate loan programs:

Interest-Only Commercial Bridge Loans

Fix and Flip Loans

Whole Loan Acquisitions

Our commercial real estate bridge loan products will often times be referred to as “hard money loans” due to the fact that we primarily focus on the value of the underlying real estate collateral.