Rental Property Line of Credit

Our rental property line of credit allows you to access the equity in your investment properties without being tied down with a long-term loan or a loan with steep prepayment penalties. Use a line of credit against your rental property to make other investments without having to have your loan re-underwritten or paying additional closing costs. Don’t want to pay interest on money you aren’t using? No problem. Pay-down your line-of-credit and leave it open to ensure you have “dry-powder” when the next investment opportunity comes around.

PROPERTY TYPES: Single family rental properties, and multi-family investment properties.

LENDING AREA: Nationwide except – CA, ND, DC, TN, & UT

LINE OF CREDIT SIZE: From $200,000 to $1,500,000

LOAN TERM: 2 Years

AMORTIZATION: Typically, Interest-only

INTEREST RATE: 5.99% – 7.99%



CLOSING TIME: 2 weeks or sooner

We are a direct private money lender. We are faster and more flexible than traditional banks.